Wednesday, October 30, 2013

fall haul part 2 video is now up on youtube!

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In the second half of this haul video, I do this awesome thing where I burp, make a Beyonce reference, then fall down. This is me everyday. Literally. Watch the video below and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Music by Sampha. To check out more of his work, click here.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Houston, we have margaritas

dark moon child

dark moon child

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I worked at a fashion boutique/museum for most of summer 2011 and I remember my boss pulling out a box of wide brimmed wool and felt hats. She told me to post them to our eBay account for $50 each. I was confused as to why she thought they would go for so much, as wide brimmed hats weren’t on trend that year. Little did I know.
Fall is the beginning of hat season, so it’s time to gear up. Be on the look out for wide brimmed, witchy hats as a staple piece to spook up any outfit. 
If I had/could afford all theses pieces (peep that $4,650 price tag on the YSL dress), this would be my Halloween costume. Think The Craft meets Tokyo street style. So me.

Monday, October 28, 2013

music monday

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In the middle of a nasty break up? "Lose You" x Kat Dahlia is now your go-to anthem. With a voice reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse, it's good to hear a strong throat-voice in a music world full of head/nose voiced chanteuses (yes, I'm talking to you Ri-Ri). Her voice reminds me so much of Amy, I was almost convinced Amy somehow reincarnated into her - but seeing that Kat was 21 years old when Amy passed, it's unlikely. Although they do sound alike, Kat has a talent all her own.

Friday, October 25, 2013

first week

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This is a really big deal for me, ok? I know weekly anniversaries are things crazy girlfriends or new parents do but this week has been pretty eventful for me. It was my first week working on the new database compression and archiving effort at work (1010lolol nerd speak) as well as my first full week of blogging. Yay! I even participated in my first ever #StyleChat on Twitter - after years of having a Twitter account, I finally realized how fun it can be. It was like showing up to a party that everyone else has already been at for 5 hours. But, hey, at least you showed up right?

I'm really proud of myself for sticking to my word and posting daily. Working on this blog has re-ignited my love of fashion, music, and art. So many new ideas have popped into my head, it's crazy! I am really excited to share them with you all and prove to myself that I can do this. Thanks for sticking around with me on this journey. You guys are awesome :)

Upcoming posts:
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Clutch bag and Nail art DIY
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& More!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 23, 2013


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With the large amount of high waisted, cut off shorts you probably bought over the summer, it probably seems like a waste to stuff them in the back of your closet where your other seasonal clothes (think obnoxious Christmas sweaters and nauseatingly pastel Easter dresses) go to die.

Cue the thigh/knee high sock. 

Thigh/knee highs have been one of my go to summer-to-fall transitioning staples for almost 5 years now. Nothing says "I really like this outfit but I am aware it's 3 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now and I could easily get hypothermia and frostbite if I don't cover my extremities" more than a pair of your favorite shorts worn with some thigh highs. 

The pairing of a delicate top with a relaxed, cropped sweatshirt definitely gives me a Cher Horowitz vibe (it is a life long dream of mine to create that white button up shirt under a sweater vest look). I found the cropped sweatshirt in the boys department at a local thrift store. My friend looked at me like I was insane when I squealed with delight. Who's the crazy one now? (probably still me).

art thursday

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We live in a world where everything can be considered art - from the cute little dance bees do as communication, to paintings done by Renoir. In our mordern world, music is art, literature is art, even science can be an art form. With this being said, it shouldn't surprise you when I say social networking site Instagram is an emerging platform for artists and their art.

Now here me out. Not every #selfie or food picture is a work of art, even though the poster may very well believe so (and that's ok since it's your Insta and you can post whatever you want), but among all the pyrite, there are some true gems to be found. Check out's "Best of Instagram" weekly round up for a few shining examples. I'm a little dissapointed there aren't any selfies, but I'll let it slide since the pictures that are included are absolutely breathtaking (just not in that "perfect selfie" kind of way).

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

youtube channel + new haul video

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I'm happy to announce that I will be adding youtube to my list of social networking endevours! Blkbrdbb TV will feature DIY, haul, vlog, and even some spoken word poetry videos. Check out my first video below!

Since I have amassed a fairly large amount of new clothes from one of the biggest shopping sprees my closet (and wallet) has seen, I decided a haul video was in order. I hope you laugh as much as I did at myself while editing this video. Don't forget to subrscribe for new videos every week!

Monday, October 21, 2013

music monday

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I was catching up on my ASOS magazine reading and stumbled upon this lovely gem of a track by Foreign Skin. According to soundcloud, Foreign Skin is a "Brighton based audio/Visual, self styled producer of ambient, chill out, hip hop and electronic music." Although this is a great description, I would say it's incomplete; they left out the "genius". Flavia Aliverti, is the 22 year old genius behind Foreign Skin and other project, F.L.A.

As a lover of artists like Gold Panda and Star Slinger, I noticed that Foreign Skin runs in that same vein of tripped out, no-need-to-get-high-to-feel-high music. The soundscapes created on tracks like her remix of Bon Iver's "Wash" are other wordly. Don't be suprised if you feel weightless while listening to it and try not to get lost in the depth. Check out her Tumblr and Soundcloud for more music, then head over to her Bandcamp for some free downloads. I promise, you won't regret it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19th, 2013

Dress - Forever 21 || Trench - Nasty Gal || Boots - H&M ||Backpack - Nasty Gal

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Be on the look out for trench mania because it's officially fall ( I say "officially" because it finally feels  like it here in Texas) - and this trench I'm wearing is everything. I bought this chiffon trench coat over the summer and I am beyond excited that I can finally wear it without sweating bullets. Today, I decided to pair it with the perfect floral sundress (dark florals over classic for fall/winter), slim ankle boots, and a faux leather backpack for that quintessential summer-to-fall transition look.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

it's a boy!

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Today was my friend's baby revealing party. I was really excited to go because I had never been to one before and any reason to eat cupcakes, to me, is good reason. 

My sister came up with the really cute idea of making building block boxes and putting cupcakes inside. When everyone bit into the cupcakes, they would find out what the baby's gender was by the filling color - blue or pink. Attendees would wear the color of their guess - if you thought boy, then blue; if girl, then pink.

 This gave me the perfect chance to wear this blue on blue outfit I've been eyeing in my closet. I bought the blazer years before I saw the jeans on Nasty Gal and I've been waiting to finally get to wear this bold of a color combo outfit out.

Since my guess was boy, I decided this occasion was the perfect excuse. Still, I wanted to cover all my bases and wore this pink heart crop top and pink heart bracelet in case it was a girl.

Either way, I was going to be right. And if you didn't already guess from the post title, it's a boy! 

This post is submitted to the IFB Blazer Project.

Friday, October 11, 2013

l'enfer, c'est les autres

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"Hell, is other people."

I love reading and have an extreme fondness for existential philosophy. I remember the first time I read Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit". It was during my senior year of university and I was taking an intro to existentialism course. When I read Sartre at an airport bar, waiting for my flight to board, I couldn't help feeling like some tortured philosopher in a French cafe struggling through a dark night of the soul, comforting herself with a mountain of french fries and a jack and coke (looking back, i think a vodka tonic would have been more authentic). 

"No Exit" is about three newly departed souls that find themselves in Hell, but not the Hell they were expecting. The short play explores what it means to live - and die - from an existential point of view.

I recently completed reading one of Sartre's other plays, "Dirty Hands", and found myself in every character; my inner Machiavelli and Kant fought the entire time. And only one ended up with dirty hands.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

all work and no play...

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...makes blackbird a dull girl. 
It's been so long since I posted here - for that, I am sorry. Work has been keeping me extremely busy and the little time I have to myself I've been spending with family and friends. But all that is changing with my recent purchase of a new Nikon D3100! I found the double zoom lens kit on and knew I had to have it. 

I decided to take a couple pictures of what I wore to work today.

I foresee a lot more posts in the future, so stick around!